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Shatonna is a natural motivator and Certified Life Coach with a mission to help people heal their lives, embrace their greatness, and accelerate their path to success.  She has always been an agent of change with a calling to inspire, motivate and empower people to believe in themselves and their ability to fulfill their dreams.  Having experienced and triumphed over, several traumatic events as a child and young adult, Shatonna is well equipped to assist others in getting to the root cause of their issue(s) and identifying the patterns and beliefs that prevent them from experiencing true freedom. 
Shatonna is also a passionate artist, fashion designer and stylist, motivational speaker, writer and storyteller who uses her life experiences, natural gifts and spirituality to help others focus on the greatness within, and show them how to use their time, talent and treasure to tap into the very best part of themselves.  She is also very passionate about child advocacy and strongly believes, and participates in, empowering the next generation and assisting them in creating a more peaceful and liberating way of life. 



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